Pool Information

2019 Pool information

Hours of Operation: 11AM – 6PM

This year, we have assistant pool managers. Our “Asst. Pool Managers” have multiple duties. We have 5 Asst. Pool Managers of which 4 have lifeguard certifications and 1 is a college swim team member

We have posted six signs, one on the very front door, “Warning, no life guards on duty”. This is because we have an pool manager present between 11AM-6PM, their duty is not strictly “Lifeguard”. If we were to have Lifeguards all the time, we need to have two on duty all the time to make sure there is one sitting on the lifeguard chair while the other is taking a break.

Our pool managers clean restrooms, empty trash, clean the pool deck, arrange furniture, chemical testing and treatment, clean debris from the pool, clean deck tables and assist residents should they have a need and keep an eye on the pool and behavior of children.

The pool can be rented in the evening for 2 hours. An Asst. Pool Manager must be on duty for all pool rentals, but that is included in the rental fee. Pool rental fee is $100.