Piper Glen Subdivision Association

NEW MEETING TIME-  Please make a note that our next monthly meeting August 11th will be at 5:30 PM.


Below is the By-law Amendment that is up for Proposal as well as a copy of the letter that all homeowners will receive in the mail.  Please take the time to read the information and mail back your ballots before August 7th if you are not able to attend the August 11th meeting where the official vote will take place!

Dear Piper Glen Homeowner,

You are receiving this ballot because we need your vote on the attached By-laws update which will authorize your Subdivision Association to proceed with the necessary action to more permanently connect Piper Glen to the Interurban Bicycle and Recreational trail.

A bike path connector has repeatedly led the list of desired improvements to our subdivision.

Located at the south end of Wentworth, it will provide these significant advantages:

1)  Safe and legal access to residents who cycle or walk the recreational trail.  Improved access for children to the Glenwood High and Elementary Schools.

2)  A unique distinction for our subdivision — the only one in the Springfield area that is both a golf course community  AND has access to a bike path recreational trail.

3)  A highly desired amenity for home buyers.  Leading realtors have told us that this is a feature buyers often request and realtors use in advertising.   It may or may not increase property values, but it would certainly attract more potential homebuyers.

Many recent PGSA Boards of Directors have pursued this project, but were unable to finalize it for one reason or another.  Originally the concept was to BUY the land, build a bike path on it, continue ownership and pay for the maintenance and insurance.  Starting with the last Board and continuing on with the current Board, we have been working on a three party relationship with the landowner, the Village of Chatham and the PGSA.  This gives advantages to all three.

The big advantage to you is that we would not have to buy the land, and also that the maintenance and insurance costs will pass to Chatham.  We would get the same benefits for reduced costs.

Taking this approach requires us to update our By-Laws to allow us to spend money on something we don’t own.  The referendum vote will allow us to pursue this option.   Not getting the 2/3 affirmative votes of ALL homeowners means we could not use the three party agreement approach.  It is imperative that you vote to approve this if you are in favor.   If you do not respond we must interpret your vote as against this change.  We still could use previous method (buy the land, build the bike path, maintain and insure it) if that was so desired by the homeowners and PGSA Board.

The PGSA has set aside the necessary funds required for the project.  We expect no increase in homeowner dues as a result of this work.  The approximate range for the cost of the project will be $35,000 to $45,000.  The bylaws change is limited to this specific project and does not extend the Board’s authority in any other way.  The board intends to actively engage homeowners to address any concerns that arise as a result of the project.

There are two ways you can register your vote.

  • Attend the August 11th PGSA Board meeting and vote in person or
  • Return the absentee ballot with your vote in the enclosed envelope prior to August 7.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the Board members directly.


Your Piper Glen Subdivision Association Board

By-Law Language

The following is a proposed amendment to the By-Laws of the Piper Glen Subdivision Association Inc.  It is to be added to Article II, Section 2, as subparagraph (e) and would read as follows:

(e)     To have the right to enter into agreements with the Village of Chatham and/or adjacent landowners to provide for a bike path to be adjacent to any part of Piper Glen Subdivision.  The Board additionally shall have the right to use necessary association funds to pay expenses for maintenance, repair, improvement and insurance as well as for the purposes of establishing and maintaining the bike path.  The Association Board of Directors shall also have the right to enter into any agreements which the Board believes to be in the best interest of the Piper Glen Subdivision to establish and maintain a bike path which shall be located either in the Piper Glen Subdivision or adjacent to any land owned by a resident of the Piper Glen Subdivision.

Pool Information: The pool is now OPEN!  Pool hours will be daily from 11am-8pm.  To keep track of pool closings due to weather we will be posting those updates on our Piper Glen Facebook Page!


Please click on the link and JOIN TODAY!

The toddler pool is close to completion and we are waiting for a few minor things to be finished!  We appreciate your patience as this project comes to a close!  WiFi has also been approved to be installed out in the pool area and should be installed shortly!


The second round of swimming lessons will be

Monday, July 13 thru Thursday, July 16 and Monday, July 20 thru Thursday, July 23.

Lessons are from 10am-11am Monday through Thursday with Friday being a possible makeup day.

Below is the Registration Form marked swim lessons:

July swim lessons


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